Packaging and Assembly Technologies

Stellar Industries Corp. offers Packaging and Assembly Technology through their parent company.  Various Mounting and Packaging equipment are ready for R&D and Production volumes.

Mounting Capabilities

  • Pick-place die-bonding Equipment for high precision bonding: Multiple pick and place die bonders from different manufacturers. Die bonding with Forming gas or Formic Acid available.
  • Solder material: Pre-deposited AuSn, SnAgCu, other solders available upon request
  • Submounts/heatsinks in various size: CuW, AlN, BeO, DBC cooler, All Cu cooler, etc.

Packaging/Assembly Service Capabilities

  • Vacuum soldering equipment: Multiple reflow ovens available. Forming gas, Formic Acid, Plasma cleaning also available
  • Solder material: AuSn, SnAgCu, InAg, BiSnAg, In, other soldering processes available upon request
  • Wirebonder: Multiple wirebonders available. Thin wire to heavy gauge wire
  • Available wires: 1.5mil/2mil Au, Thick Al, Cu, CuCorAl wire, other wires available upon request
  • Other equipment: Laser engraving or Serialization