Evaporated metals for the most exacting tolerances

Stellar Industries offers high-performance, high-purity vapor-deposited thin film metalizations on Alumina, Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, and specialty ceramics. Lift-off techniques, as well as chemical etching and ion beam photo-patterning processes, allow us to customize these substrates to your design requirements. Our thin film process is a perfect match for the laser diode, semiconductor, microwave, and biomedical industries. We offer thin film industry-standard metal options for wire bonding and soldering applications for fine-line tight-tolerance requirements.

Vapor Deposited AuSn Solder 

Unique to Stellar, we have developed a proprietary deposition technique that has propelled our gold-tin solder to world-class standards offering custom percentages to meet your soldering needs. We use shadow mask technology to precisely deposit thin layers of AuSn to facilitate laser diode mounting. Let us show you why our customers consider it world class.

Thin Film Guidelines

See our Thin Film Guidelines here