Traditional Thick-Film screen-printing for conductors and dielectrics

Stellar Industries has multiple screen printers and a precision vision system to provide you with high-quality, high-volume thick film metalized substrates and sub-mounts. Thick film metals are a low-cost solution to your patterned metalization needs. We specialize in precision wrap-arounds, front-to-back aligned patterns, and metalized thru-holes on Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, and Beryllium Oxide.

Stellar offers various conductive metals that are both wire-bondable and solderable. In addition to standard Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium metal thick films, we can also deposit dielectric, solder, and solder mask materials. Whether you are looking for prototype quantities or high-volume, let Stellar Industries help you with your thick film ceramic components.   

Download our Thick Film Design Guidelines

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