You dream it, we machine it!

Stellar Industries has over three decades of ceramic machining experience. We specialize in high-thermal conductivity ceramics with a precise eye for quality, fine detail and exacting tolerances.  Whether you are looking for raw ceramics or complex metalized ceramic components, Stellar can meet your machining needs.

  • Lapping: Stellar has multiple surface lapping machines to achieve your thickness tolerance, surface finish, and flatness requirements. Our precisely lapped surfaces are ideal for top quality metallization adhesion. If you have special aerospace requirements, try our industry-leading silicone and carbide-free processing.  
  • Polishing: When a lapped surface finish is not fine enough, Stellar also offers proprietary polishing solutions to meet your custom needs. Our polished surfaces offer a lustrous finish perfect for thin film metallization adhesion.
  • Diamond Dicing: Multiple dicing saws enable Stellar to offer you a complete package from multi-up patterned metalized subs to completed singulated parts. Offering tight tolerances and quality edge finishes, our precisely diced-and-cleaned parts will exceed your processing needs.
  • Precision Grinding: Whether you require accurate angles, precision chamfers or custom shapes, we can meet your ground ceramic requirements.
  • Laser Machining, Drilling or Scribing: Do you prefer to have your parts laser-machined complete? Do you want laser thru-holes or custom laser features? Stellar offers them all. Laser scribe and snapping is a lower cost alternative to more expensive singulation options on those parts that do not need such a precise edge finish and tolerance.  
  • Clean Air Firing and Annealing: Stellar has multiple high-temperature furnaces to get your ceramics clean and annealed after machining. Machining ceramics may leave a damaged grain structure with micro-cracks that can only be repaired through high-temperature annealing. Let us help you to get your ceramics back to those high-performance requirements.