Stellar Industries Corp. is the only U.S. manufacturer of Direct Bond Copper (DBC) on Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Beryllium Oxide or Sapphire

One of Stellar’s core disciplines, Direct Bond Copper (DBC), is your path to power management. We are one of the few companies in the world that manufacture DBC. The process starts with thick copper foil that is bonded directly to Aluminum Oxide, Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, or Sapphire using a eutectic copper oxide bond. Stellar then photo-patterns and chemically etches the bonded copper to create your custom circuitry. The result is a substrate with superior electrical and thermal performance combined with the high-temperature performance of ceramic. Stellar offers a variety of copper/ceramic thickness combinations. We also offer custom plating schemes tailored for your application.

Stellar offers a proprietary pure copper thru-hole via technology to help unlock ultra-high current/high heat applications. In addition, Stellar manufactures flying leaded substrates, integrating the patterned design directly to leads with no solder/braze joint. We also produce Thin DBC metalization, down to 0.002”, that can be combined with our in-house Au/Sn metalization and a critical diced edge for laser sub-mount applications. 

Direct Bond Copper Design Guidelines

See our Guidelines for Direct Bond Copper here