About Us

Stellar Industries Corp. was formed in 1985 to introduce exciting new thermally conductive aluminum nitride ceramics into the microelectronics world.  From its early days as an exclusive distributor for this product line to Norton Corporation in a  co-venture agreement with Toshiba, Stellar Industries evolved into developing manufacturing techniques for machining and metalization of this unique ceramic. To survive the early years where there was more curiosity about aluminum nitride than buyers, Stellar added custom-made aluminum oxide and beryllium oxide ceramic products to its product line.  With the explosion of the Telecom Industry, new opportunities for thermally conductive materials and  IGBT high current high-power semiconductors became available.  Stellar developed applications using the new Dupont thick film AlN pastes for a series of custom detector submounts for laser applications.  Stellar also established thin film capabilities to deposit Titanium/Platinum/ Gold and Gold-Tin films on submounts for high power laser diodes that grew exponentially before the Telecom Crash in 2000. To meet the demands of power hybrids, Stellar employed Direct Bond Copper (DBC) technology to clad pure copper to ceramics using a copper oxide bond.  Originally licensed from Harris Corporation from the original GE patents, Joe Dickson at Tegman was instrumental in helping Stellar establish a DBC line to be a second source to GE’s spinoff. 

Today, Stellar strives to develop new R&D technology to bring new power products to the market.  Working with its established proprietary high-power copper via process, Stellar is developing hermetic high-current power packages that are smaller, thinner, lighter, and pack more power than conventional Cu-W packages. This application is achieved by using a proprietary Ultra-bond DBC process for micro void-free bonding.  Stellar is also working on developing cold plates for high power laser cooling applications that can be used in stacked arrays. Versions in both Aluminum Nitride and Beryllium Oxide are being developed.

As an AS9100D:2016, ISO 9001:2015 certified Company, Stellar is dedicated to meeting your requirements for power ceramic substrates and packages.

Company History


  • Stellar Industries Corp. was founded.
    • Purpose: Introduce Aluminum Nitride Ceramics to Marketplace
    • Contract with Norton Corporation / Toshiba as an exclusive Distributor for Toshiba Aluminum Nitride substrates


  • Started Ceramic Machining service


  • Introduced Thick Film Metalization


  • Introduced Direct Bond Copper


  • Introduced Thin Film Metalization


  • Introduced the first pure copper laser diode sub-mount replacing thick expensive gold-plated sub-mounts


  • Relocated to a new facility with modern Clean Rooms


  • Achieved AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certification


  • Acquired by TRUMPF Photonics
  • Introduced Stellar Cooling Solution


  • Introduced In-house Plating Service