Effective October 31st, 2019, TRUMPF Photonics, Inc., a laser diode manufacturer based in Cranbury, New Jersey, has acquired one hundred percent of the shares of Stellar Industries Corp., an industry leader for metalized ceramic components for the microelectronic packaging industry.  With this acquisition, TRUMPF Photonics Inc. strengthens its internal supply chain by accessing and developing ceramic-based cooling technology components for the rapidly expanding market for high-power laser diodes, while simultaneously expanding Stellar’s business into the electronic industry with customized solutions.

Stellar Industries Corp. was founded in 1985, in Leominster, Massachusetts by Ron Visser, who then partnered with John Snook. The company is an industry front-runner specializing in thin-film metallization, thick film metallization, and direct bonded copper on Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, and Beryllium Oxide ceramics. For the past three decades, Stellar has consistently focused on expanding and improving their technology and production processes to drive customized solutions to be the best in class. The ultimate goal of Stellar is to deliver the highest customer satisfaction when it comes down to performance, quality, delivery, and price. The acquisition by TRUMPF Photonics Inc. provides Stellar access to TRUMPFs key competence in operating and managing large-scale and lean production lines to drive further accelerated growth.

The new management team, led by Eric Brown and Geunmin Ryu as managing directors, will ensure continuity in the quality and reliability of Stellar’s products in the existing business fields which have been established and grown so successfully over the recent years. Stellar Industries Corp. will not only continue to build and promote trustful and long-lasting customer relationships but also strengthen their development capability to serve customers from prototype to full scale
mass production.