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Location isn’t the only thing Stellar Industries Corp. has going for it -
Let’s talk about substrate capabilities and thermal management. Let’s talk about metallization types, materials, and thickness requirements. Let’s say you’ve got a circuit design in hand. Is it where it needs to be, or do we need to discuss line resolution, tolerances, performance data, or other options?
Prototype To Full Production -
Stellar Industries Corp. can help you design, and manufacturer a better product. We have the knowledge, the people, and the experience to take your submounts from idea, to prototype, to full production. Located just 35 miles from the Boston Airport, we’ve designed our facility to be a one-stop solution to your substrate and thermal management requirements.
Your Right-Size Partner -
We’ve been in business for over 20-years. We’ve weathered the tough times, and have engineered a full range of support services to bring your ideas to fruition. Our advanced, Class 100 clean room for thin film and thick film application, and our full ceramic machining facility provide both the agility and flexibility to assist you in the creation of your submounts. We’ll work with you from initial consultation, to design and layouts, to prototype development, to full production manufacturing. We have the capacity, the equipment, and the brain-power to support your ideas every step of the way.

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Let’s discuss your ideas for today’s smaller, higher powered circuits.


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