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Stellar Industries Corp.
sells to the Telecom, Biomedical, and Defense Industries for custom products and services. Stellar’s products include custom lapped and polished electronic grade ceramics composed of Alumina, Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, or specialty ceramics. Stellar also supplies custom services for metalizations on these ceramics using a variety of thick film, thin film, refractory and Direct Bond Copper metalizations. Our ceramic substrates are used in a variety of electronic components including:
Laser Diode / Photodetector Submounts:
• Featuring precision machining and wrap-around metalization vapor deposited gold/tin solder alloys
High Power Microelectronic substrates:
• Featuring Copper Clad High Temperature DBC metalization
Microwave and RF thin film substrates:
• Featuring Precision Ion Etch geometries
Stellar also specializes in vapor deposited thin films and gold/tin solders on thick film and thin film as well as on semiconductor wafers.

Stellar Ceramics

Stellar Industries announces the launch of their “Off the Shelf Ceramics” web store as an instant, convenient way to purchase lapped and polished ALN and AL2O3 substrates, as well as DBCu ceramic substrates from their real time online inventory lists.

The website provides immediate access and offers secure and easy credit card and PayPal payments and fast 1-3 days FREE standard domestic delivery.

Visit the web store and order your ceramic substrates today!

Stellar Industries Corp. is an AS9100 and ISO9001 certified company.

AS9100 Certificate


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